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Full Version: what resolution do you use
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i use 1024x768 mostly (on this laptop)


what about you ?





I use it at 1600x1200 on my 21" screen (shared with windows machine and mac mini)

800 ? how could anyone still use that.. :)


1024 little too small for my liking

1600 little to big for me..

1280 ah.. the middle ground ;)

I gotta use 1024*768 to be able to use 85 mhz on this monitor, wich is preferred!

My laptop's resolution are: 1280x800 WXGA (Widescreen) it neat :)


At the moment i can't use linux on my laptop yet as the wireless isn't function :(

1024x768@60 on my notebook (15" TFT) and 1280x1024@85 on my desktop (19" CRT). :)

3200x1200 gotta love the dual monitors!



1280x1024 @ 85 Hz
now all we need is bofh to tell us he has a 50" screen running a terminal :P
1280x1024 @ 60hz like znx said the middle way, not too big not too small
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