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Full Version: How do i uninstall linux?
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Hey ... i need to uninstall linux from my laptop not bothered if i have to format it all of my work is backed up im using FEDORA CORE 3 anyone got any ideas?


need to get it off so i can put windows on for a couple of weeks got to get a few things done i will then bang it on dual boot...


is it also possible for me to create a dual boot from linux?

Did you add multiple partitions?


if not just do fdisk /mbr then reboot and add your Windows CD in for it to boot from

You can create a dual boot from linux. Unfortunately you cannot install windows after linux (due to the fact that windows will always overwrite the boot sector).


So.. partition your hard disk first... install winxp (on the first partition is windows normal choice something again you'll have difficulty changing).


Once this is complete install your linux of choice. Most of the installers nowadays will spot the windows installation and setup dual boot without any intervention by yourself.