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Full Version: halflife 2 screenshots
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heres some


more here





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nice game!


i'm getting it for christmas when i finish building my PC (nearly there :P )


WHat are your comp. specs? Was it laggy?

the comp secps are right here


its the 'second' pc, the dimension 8300


no lag at all here, smooth as silk @ 1600x1200x85hz


but then i have a geforce 6800 GT card :)





Dammit, anyweb! Now I gotta change my pants!




<< steals HL2 from anyweb...mwahahahaaa!!111oneoneone

Nice specs there but not as good as mine ;)

Quote:Nice specs there but not as good as mine 

so what are your specs then ??





Case/PSU: Antec Sonata Midi Tower in Piano Black Trupower 380W PSU

Motherboard: Asus P5AD2 Premium 925x

Processor: LGA775 P4 3GHz with HyperThreading Enabled (overclocked @ 3.6Ghz)

RAM: Kingston Value Ram 533MHz DDR2 ECC CL4 DIMM 1GB

FSB: 800mhz

Hard Drive: Western Digital Caviar SE 160GB UIDE 100 7200rpm 8mb Cache - OEM

Sound: On board Sound through optical cable

Speakers: Sony Home Theater 500watt 5.1 surround.

Monitor: GNR Haier HV900CS 19ins CRT 0.25mm 1600x1200@75hz Monitor

LAN: On board gigabit lan

DVD ROM: Lite-On 16x48x DVD-ROM, IDE - With PowerDVD Software

DVD RW: Sony 8x DVD+R 8xDVD-R 4x DVD+RW 24XCDRW IDE Burner OEM

Graphics Card: Ati x800XT radeon 256mb

Operating System: Windows XP Pro (SP2 came with it :( )


Cost an arm and a leg! Just down to the final parts.

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