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Hello everyone, I know many of you including myself come to this site for information and help. We would like to continue to grow and expand the use of Linux to as many people as we can, and help as best we can along the way.


We have determined the best way to get this site to grow without the use of ad's on every page, is through the use of donations. Here is our projected goal:


If we can gather $1000, that will allow us to get (CENSORED) ad impressions on


What are ad impressions you ask?? It means that our logo will be displayed on a page that is loaded on (CENSORED) times! Just imagine how many people that would reach new and old to our site and make it grow tremendously faster than by the old word of mouth technique!


I myself have already donated $50 EU to the cause, and hope many more of you will also! To donate, just click on the donation button at the top of the site!


Thanks to everyone that supports this site!!

thanks mate


i really hope we can meet this goal


ALL of the money will go to advertising THIS site on


that is my aim


that is my goal


to drive traffic here, and keep THIS site


ad free !





another 50 euros today, the total so far now is the euivalent of 213 dollars, (one 50 euro payment ws uncleared...)


please keep up the donations, once it gets to 900 dollars i'll contrib the last 100


and then we will start advertising this site bigtime


thanks to all who have donated so far,


you are helping this site grow, and that is exactly what i intend to do





If each member would contribute a few $$, this goal would be easy to achieve.


Get off your wallet peeps :-)

yeah thats right, and thanks P38 for your donation !! :)





I've just donation, so hand off wallet too :)[img]<___base_url___>/uploads/emoticons/default_laugh.png[/img]


hope this will achive the goal :)

thanks vemon dude !


we are not there yet but we are on the way





Heres a bit more to help you on the way.... hope that somebody will contribute some so that you can start running the adds soon.



Payment Details


Amount: 50.00 EUR




Quantity: 1


Item/Product Name: forums donation


Item/Product Number: 1


Buyer: Kristian Skov




/Kris B)

thanks dude it is soooooooo appreciated


i don't care how long this takes, i'll wait until its all raised


and i'll personally donate 100 dollars to it to


the current total (and we need 1000 us dollars) is


316,67 USD


not bad at all !!





and got a further 60 euros today from square !


well done all and keep it up we are getting towards the target !





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