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Full Version: how to fake CTCP VERSION replies in XCHAT
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if you want to hide the version of XCHAT that you are currently using, then do two things


1. click on 'Server' and tick 'hide version'


2. click on 'Settings', 'Lists' and CTCP Replies


if VERSION is not listed there, then ADD it


paste in the following text, or edit it yourself to say something l33t :P


nctcp %s VERSION mIRC 5.91 (16 bit) for Microsoft
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Ok explain to me please =)


Why would anyone 'want' to know what version of Chat I am running?

What use will that be to anyone?

Why would I want to hide it?

Does it make me vounerable?

they would want to know for a few reasons


* if you are running an old version, there is a good chance that it can be hacked

* by checking your CTCP version, they can 'guess' your operating system


based on that, it's far better to mask your CTCP version replies.





Just as easy with irssi (although a little of the topic ;))


/set ctcp_vesion_reply whatever you want to say

Returns whatever you want to say


Done.. and dusted. If you want to use the actual version use $J which will return the valid version:


/set ctcp_version_reply irssi v$J

Returns irssi v0.8.9

Thanks for the tips guys


Very handy indeed. :)