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Full Version: need help
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I cant get my dhcp to work in gentoo 1.4... The internet connection worked properly during install but... couldnt get it to work afterwards :/ any suggestions? im thinkin of taking the /etc/conf.d/net from the install (after running the install disks again, but not reinstalling again) and looking at them, writing down some notes and copying them to the installed /etc/conf.d/net... would that work?



check your /etc/conf.d/net and make sure that you have something like this:




everything else should be commented out.


also make sure that you added a /etc/init.d/net.eth0 as per the docs.

I should have RTFM first... I had overlooked the 'adding modules to the kernel' part. The card modules werent loaded by default... All in all, I got onto the net. Now I have to do some other stuff, but thanks for the advice, I did have to do what you told me anyway.