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Full Version: Problem installing Fedora 20 from USB media
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I downloaded Fedora 20 from here, created the USB media using the liveusb creator and then started the install, it wouldn't verify my installation source (usb) and i couldn't install. I thought my HASH/md5sum was bad so i checked it. The sha 256 matched.


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Next I tried to input an alternative location, I chose the following as I was installing on older hardware (32bit only),


this allowed the installation to continue, so I'm posting this here incase it helps others




well i got it installed but gnome crashes as soon as I click on activities, I did a quick search and didn't find any solution, any ideas ? in the meantime i've installed KDE via yum install @kde-desktop and that does work when i switch to it, however i prefer Gnome

Did you try checking your logs to check for any strange errors? /var/log/messages


Try using grep on the logs---> cat /var/log/messages | grep gnome-session


I did find this, it's about version 19 but the problem sounds very similar.


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this is what it says. any ideas ?



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Doesn't look like anything serious, just warnings no errors. You could try  cat /var/log/message | grep error maybe we'll get more info from that..What happens when gnome crashes, you get a blanc screen? Can you switch to like the virtual console, then login in there and try: startx. And see if gnome starts backup again?


Did you try the fix <a data-ipb="nomediaparse" href="">here</a>? Cuz it sounded alot like your problem about, when using activities crashing? Make a backup of the original file first. Oh crap, I just realized you are running 32bit so you aren't going to have that path: bz_wrap_comment_text">/usr/lib64/gedit/plugins/

thanks Feedmebits i'll try it tonite and come back to you
ok I just checked and i dont have that file or directory structure as this is the i386 release of Fedora 20 (not x64)
Did you try going to a virtual console and then try to restart gnome via startx?
sorry not following you, what do you mean a virtual console ?

Quote:<div>sorry not following you, what do you mean a virtual console ?

I mean ctrl+alt+f1 then login with your account, and then try  the command. startx to see if the gnome starts up again?  If so then try to hit activities again and see what happens, if it still happens than the last thing I can think of is to fully remove/uninstall gnome and reinstall gnome, since the logs don't show anything strange(no error's just warnings).


yum groupremove Desktop

yum groupinstall Desktop 


or however it is listed as in fedora [img]<___base_url___>//public/style_emoticons/default/wink.png[/img]

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