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Full Version: VMWare tools Workstation 5.0.0 build 13124
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Ok so I am complete Noob to this (well not complete) and I have tried so hard to install VMware tools so my resolution will be better than 800x600.

So far I have extracted the .tar.gz to a folder I like.

I navigated to the .pl (perl) file I need to run to install the tools.

It starts running and I follwed the instructions that the "Read_Me" file said to accept all default locations to install. So I did that and came up with a question that,

asked me to find where the Kernel files with C something was, so I found THAT and typed the folder location as needed and got this error





IF you could give me some clue as the next step I can take, I would really appreciate it. (Oh i cannot spell really well either)



From the screen shot it looks like you don't have the kernel headers install. If you are using Fedora you can

issue the following command.


yum install kernel-devel

I really appreciate the fast response and I followed it and the link below and still same issue. Any more suggestions?



Go with CentOS for a free server. Much better supported by VMware.


No real idea on your issue. What is the hardware this is running on? Also I HIGHLY recommend 5.0.0 U1 Fixed a lot of issues with Machine Check Error purple screens.




Under ESX for the VM system options what type od bios are you running I know to run windows server 2012 it needs to be efi