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VMWare tools Workstation 5.0.0 build 13124

Ok so I am complete Noob to this (well not complete) and I have tried so hard to install VMware tools so my resolution will be better than 800x600.

So far I have extracted the .tar.gz to a folder I like.

I navigated to the .pl (perl) file I need to run to install the tools.

It starts running and I follwed the instructions that the "Read_Me" file said to accept all default locations to install. So I did that and came up with a question that,

asked me to find where the Kernel files with C something was, so I found THAT and typed the folder location as needed and got this error





IF you could give me some clue as the next step I can take, I would really appreciate it. (Oh i cannot spell really well either)

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.bmp   Linux_VMWare_problem.bmp (Size: 994.05 KB / Downloads: 334)



From the screen shot it looks like you don't have the kernel headers install. If you are using Fedora you can

issue the following command.


yum install kernel-devel


I really appreciate the fast response and I followed it and the link below and still same issue. Any more suggestions?




Go with CentOS for a free server. Much better supported by VMware.


No real idea on your issue. What is the hardware this is running on? Also I HIGHLY recommend 5.0.0 U1 Fixed a lot of issues with Machine Check Error purple screens.




Under ESX for the VM system options what type od bios are you running I know to run windows server 2012 it needs to be efi


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