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Who's Remember me? - Oroshi - 2006-01-17

Hello ;)


You all might know that i have not been on here nor IRC for a while, i've been busy all the time but now i am starting to FIND a spare time :) finally... my agenda is very busy this month - but i'll be more available next month in the evenings.


I missed this forum & IRC!!! I am no longer use Intel computer ;) quit! Now i am using Apple Mac OSX Tiger (it got Unix/link commands in it) I installed IRSSI on my G4 mac laptop.. it neat!


I'll post the screen shot of my Mac ;) in general screenshot.

Who's Remember me? - znx - 2006-01-17


Who's Remember me? - xDamox - 2006-01-18

Mac bah.... Aint they chaning their chipset to Intel?

Who's Remember me? - lia - 2006-01-19

Ofcourse we remember you! =)

Who's Remember me? - Oroshi - 2006-01-22

Quote:Mac bah.... Aint they chaning their chipset to Intel?

yeah i have heared. but it 4 times faster than me bugger [img]<___base_url___>/uploads/emoticons/default_laugh.png[/img] oh well, but my laptop is fast thou... never have any problem with it but wndows ewwww.. hehe


My other PC are running just Linux but have not use them coz it in my room and i am always in living room, so i use my laptop. on other laptop the wireless kept dropping on Linux because it use ndwrapper not prism as they are not going to bring out the firmware for it [img]<___base_url___>/uploads/emoticons/default_mad.gif[/img]


Lia, nice that u rememebred me heh.


this month is busy at the moment, should be stable next month (Feb) so i'll be around :)