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How to win a nice AMD from - enigma - 2005-05-22

Which of the following would you choose to compete for the AMD. No Purchase necessary

How to win a nice AMD from - anyweb - 2005-05-22

for those that don't yet know, i have a minitower pc here, no-name brand, with an AMD inside it. i'll post the specs shortly (nothing fancy). However, once i get a good idea for a competition i'll let one of you WIN IT (preinstalled with linux distro of your choice).


The catch ? you pay for shipping from Sweden Europe to your home.


That's it. If you are not in, you can't win :)


so come up with some creative ideas for a competition and i'll start the ball rolling


good luck





How to win a nice AMD from - xDamox - 2005-05-22

How about a Perl coding contest [img]<___base_url___>/uploads/emoticons/default_ph34r.png[/img] or a tutorial writing one like set a topic see who can best write a tutorial for that subject?

How to win a nice AMD from - enigma - 2005-05-22

Very good idea on the tutorial writing contest xDamox, I think it is great because then we can have a poll on who should win it :)

How to win a nice AMD from - znx - 2005-05-22

ah nice idea... tutorial writing contest.. yeah like it

How to win a nice AMD from - godskalk - 2005-05-22

How about a lottery! :P

How to win a nice AMD from - kZo - 2005-05-23

Perl coding contest would be fun, however it would eliminate many users of linux-noob.


The contest should be something that even a noob could at least attempt...


Maybe something like a grahpics contest, or a story on how you would impliment the Mini ATX.


Best idea/story wins?

How to win a nice AMD from - znx - 2005-05-23

maybe all of the above would be the solution....


best idea supplied in support of, be it a graphic, tutorial/howto, script, etc as long as the entry is made on linux-noob and is to the benefit of noobs :)

How to win a nice AMD from - Randall - 2005-05-23

I say we fight for it. last person standing wins

How to win a nice AMD from - P38 - 2005-05-23

I like the concept of the IQ test, but it should be over questions that this forum is targeted at. A mix of hardware, software, programming, administration, etc. questions with them spread across all os's. It should be something that a non-technical person can answer / solve with research but something difficult enough that no one person in our group could answer all the questions without having to do their own research.


You might consider a forum, closed except for posting, where people can suggest questions and provide the answers and let the group build the test.


100 questions / problems should be reasonable.


Questions can be graded on completeness of answer, accuracy, and imagination.


The results and winning answers should be posted for all to review and would add to the FAQ / Howto section of the Forum when the contest is over.