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Drrrrty jokes... - lia - 2005-04-15

The packie, looking for a job:


- Do you have a job for me?

- Ofcourse, you can become Manager in Volvo, free car and great salary and alot more.

- You are joking with me!?

- Yes, but you started it!




A jew and a Swedish guy were sitting in the sauna when the hew said:

- I see that you too are circumsised.

- Circumsised? said the Swedish guy. In Sweden we call it 'being worn out'



The teacher:

- Name a few human organs that we have two of!

-Ears, eyes, the kids respond.

- Penis!, little Karl says.

- But Karl, not even you boys have two of those?

- My father has! One small one that he pee's with and one big that he brushes mum's teeth with.