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forum upgrade coming soon - anyweb - 2005-02-02

hi guys,


thanks to help from Flukex, we have been testing a newer version of the IPB forums,


i'd like you all to please goto [/url][url=] and login as yourself and test it out, feedback any issues you have with it HERE.


If you all like it, then the change will be made locally on this server





forum upgrade coming soon - KobrAs - 2005-02-02

what are the main new features?

without the linux-noob theme is useless :)


they did a nice thing with the order tools

but still the old one looks better

forum upgrade coming soon - anyweb - 2005-02-02

well its bug fixes etc and its newer :P


but i want to hear what everyone else thinks about it, of course if we do decide to upgrade then the logo will be redone etc...





forum upgrade coming soon - tek-69 - 2005-02-02

Seems pretty cool. I like the old one too though. they both look good, so if the newer way makes things

run smoother, i say go with it.

forum upgrade coming soon - lerum - 2005-02-02

what version is it running? o_O

forum upgrade coming soon - z0ny - 2005-02-02

Looks better than the old one imho. :)

forum upgrade coming soon - P38 - 2005-02-02

I'm ok with it either way. The new software seems a bit faster, but that might be network or even machine related.



forum upgrade coming soon - square - 2005-02-02

Well, if the new release includes bug/security fixes, then i think its always a good idea to upgrade, i think the newer version looks better, and a little more updated.. just my 2 cents..




forum upgrade coming soon - hijinks - 2005-02-02

looks better.. plus they finally got smart and stopped spamming the version number on EVERY page.

forum upgrade coming soon - FluKex - 2005-02-03

Ya, this new one seems to be more about bug fix's.


The admin control panel is almost the same, with slight variations..


Upgrading is always a good thing to do.