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Mailing list - lia - 2005-01-20

Looking at this:


apparently new members have the option to sign up with their email for moderators to contact them.

It's a good idea.


There are plenty of members but only a few regular visitors/members/moderators.


Would you be interested in a mailinglist from ?

It would contain news, information, tip of the day or something like that.


Let us know =)

Mailing list - enigma - 2005-01-21

I think a mailing list is a great idea. lets people know the latest news of :)

Mailing list - Rik - 2005-01-21

tbh I wouldnt use it.......


I find the irc room is fantastic tho, folks are always very helpful

Yes im looking at you Anyweb & Enigma :).......


Any problems I have get resolved there cos its absolutely heaving with clever folk



Mailing list - tek-69 - 2005-01-21

Sounds like a great idea. There should be a way to submit articles for it. How frequently will people receive it? I noticed a tip of the day suggestion, but everyday seems a little much. a weekly or every

other week would be cool.

Mailing list - anyweb - 2005-01-21

i'll see if i can put something together and update you all later





Mailing list - johnnyh - 2005-01-25

Not to come across as splitting hairs, but are we talking about a mailing list or a newsletter? I think a mailing list would be a good idea. A newsletter I probably wouldn't read.

Mailing list - lia - 2005-01-25

I would suggest a combination. A moderated mail with tips etc and then members responses through email...