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sending an e-mail - lerum - 2005-01-16

Why don't you send an e-mail to all the current registered members to remind them about the site, because many of the inactive members would have forgotten soon after they registered about the site. That way you'll have a lot more active members. o_O

sending an e-mail - anyweb - 2005-01-16

because when people sign up they have the option to allow the site admin to email them,


even though there are over 600 members, only 7 opted for this feature







sending an e-mail - lia - 2005-01-16

Honestly I don't think I saw that feature...


Where is it?

sending an e-mail - anyweb - 2005-01-16

only admins 'see' that feature.



sending an e-mail - lerum - 2005-01-16

7 is quite poor :(

sending an e-mail - Guest - 2005-01-18

But if new members had the option then, can they not have the option now, where?

sending an e-mail - lia - 2005-01-19

.. ?