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linux-noob improvements - lia - 2005-01-10


We're here to listen to what you have to say =)

linux-noob improvements - KobrAs - 2005-01-10

well, we need more newbies :P

linux-noob improvements - anyweb - 2005-01-10

they'll come ! we all have to work hard to get the word out to them that the forums are a reference for them to learn from and participate in.


cheers !



linux-noob improvements - lia - 2005-01-10

There's still quite the amount of members here :)

linux-noob improvements - godskalk - 2005-01-11

New layouts should not be difficult to add, phpBB has alot of

styles ( :: Styles) to download, so people can choose it in their preferences. You can still have the current design as default skin.

linux-noob improvements - dallas - 2005-01-11

I think we're on track with linux noob.. plenty of people to help, and we have good exposure now.. loads comming in from fedora redhat and linux-noob channels on efnet.


1. Maybe link up channels from across net's to point here... linux-noob aims to be the 1 stop shop for all your n00b requirements... if you are using linux and are new to it.. you must go here. So broad coverage of all help-oriented sites is a plus.


2. More howto's, especially in the X/desktop graphical department.. even if it's 'how do i put nuovola icons on?' and other redundant info.. Shit like this is the key to bringing newbies in.. especially since they've come from windaz and like all the pretty stuff. howto's to install software graphically (either kpackage or synaptic styles) burning with k3b and how to use klipper effectively (and its nuances) are just some i can think off the top of my head. If anybody wants to write down an 'experience' type then go ahead... eg "this is what happened to me when i installed XXX and YYY on ZZZ" and stuff like that. if stuff like that gets indexed by google, people will eventually just come straight here, because we will have a huge ass database of knowledge.


3.Layouts like this


are way cool... apple/ntop style :) this isn't to say that feint grey lines and bright blue buttons are the rule, they're just one way to implement a minimalistic interface.

If we were to change the layout, it would only to make it simpler.. n00bs visiting here need to learn linux, not how to use our website.


that's all I have thought about so far.


linux-noob improvements - lerum - 2005-01-11

I think it could do with a new layout.

linux-noob improvements - z0ny - 2005-01-11

I would also like to see a new layout, especially a new board software (like phpBB [img]<___base_url___>/uploads/emoticons/default_ph34r.png[/img]). But anyweb just knows that ... :)

linux-noob improvements - johnnyh - 2005-01-11

Maybe a designated FAQ forum, just for the sticky threads (See Having so many pinned threads - especially in Fedora (where I expect most noobs will be looking) - means brand new posts can be relegated to the second page of the forum where they are more likely to be overlooked.

linux-noob improvements - anyweb - 2005-01-11

Quote:I would also like to see a new layout, especially a new board software (like phpBB ph34r.gif). But anyweb just knows that ... biggrin.gif

yeah i could look into that, and i am, but i do not see anyway of porting the info over from invision power board to phpbb2


i havnt found any converter, and i don't intend to change this site if it means loss of data


any ideas ?