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Distro Help - Guest - 2004-07-13

hey trying to find a good version of redhat 9. So many places out there that are corrupted or missing files for install like on disk two. Anyone know where i can get a good copy of linux that aren't corrupted or missing files. sick of d/l it and burning and then trying it and it not working. Thank you

Distro Help - z0ny - 2004-07-13

Choose the closest mirror from there: By the way, you should verify the md5sum before burning the .iso files so you see whether the files are corrupted or not. :P



Distro Help - Guest - 2004-07-22

thanks for the help i don't know how many times i have d/l a trucked up version if redhat

Distro Help - hijinks - 2004-07-23

sounds like ISP issues o a bad network card.. run a md5sum on the files your download to verify they are good