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Favorite Desktop/Server Distro - inittux - 2011-08-17

See topic title:


My favorite server distro is CentOS

Favorite Desktop/Server Distro - hybrid - 2011-08-17

I'm a fan of CentOS on the server too. Tried, tested and stable and doesn't change too frequently. Exactly what you want in a machine that should happily keep running for days and days and days!

Favorite Desktop/Server Distro - anyweb - 2011-08-21

for me it's Centos on the server, Fedora on the desktop

Favorite Desktop/Server Distro - Kayte - 2011-11-05

I'm now a huge fan of Linux Mint. I have Isadora installed and duel boot with Win XP. I tried on and off for a couple of years to use Ubuntu but I had too many problems with wireless and graphics cards etc. One day I installed mint and everything just worked. I love it. For new linux users who are not "geeks" I think it's perfect. I may try ubuntu again and see if I like it, I didn't like the new format tho.

Favorite Desktop/Server Distro - Dungeon-Dave - 2011-11-05

Mint is based on ubuntu and has a reputation of "just working" - suited to netbooks and the like, but both are customisable in terms of appearance etc. I'm toying with the idea of going for mint for my next desktop...

Favorite Desktop/Server Distro - hybrid - 2011-11-06

Welcome to the site, by the way, Kayte! It's great to have you here. :)

Favorite Desktop/Server Distro - noob.fl - 2012-04-18

im first testet Ubuntu and Linux mint (and Android ;) ) and from this two is Linux Mint (Debian Edition) my favorite... and, of course... the little Android :)

Favorite Desktop/Server Distro - Combat - 2012-06-02


I have been using CalculateLinux For a fair while now & have found it amazingly easy for upgrading the kernel compared to the older days trying with a gentoo desktop & upgrading to each new release hasn't been to bad either.My favourite used to be Ultimate which is ubuntu based .

Favorite Desktop/Server Distro - Dungeon-Dave - 2012-06-03

Not heard of that distro. What are its main uses, and what attracted you to it?

Favorite Desktop/Server Distro - linuxblogger - 2012-07-16

I like ubuntu but,would like to venture out there to see what bst fits my pc,I like this poll. This forums seems quite different then other forums. I really thought this a blog the fist time I seen it, it very non-intimidating. I like that, two thunbs up!!

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