Poll: Which is you favorite desktop distro?(add server distro in comments)
Red Hat
Other(comment which other)
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Favorite Desktop/Server Distro

See topic title:


My favorite server distro is CentOS

I'm a fan of CentOS on the server too. Tried, tested and stable and doesn't change too frequently. Exactly what you want in a machine that should happily keep running for days and days and days!
for me it's Centos on the server, Fedora on the desktop
I'm now a huge fan of Linux Mint. I have Isadora installed and duel boot with Win XP. I tried on and off for a couple of years to use Ubuntu but I had too many problems with wireless and graphics cards etc. One day I installed mint and everything just worked. I love it. For new linux users who are not "geeks" I think it's perfect. I may try ubuntu again and see if I like it, I didn't like the new format tho.
Mint is based on ubuntu and has a reputation of "just working" - suited to netbooks and the like, but both are customisable in terms of appearance etc. I'm toying with the idea of going for mint for my next desktop...
Welcome to the site, by the way, Kayte! It's great to have you here. :)
im first testet Ubuntu and Linux mint (and Android ;) ) and from this two is Linux Mint (Debian Edition) my favorite... and, of course... the little Android :)


I have been using CalculateLinux For a fair while now & have found it amazingly easy for upgrading the kernel compared to the older days trying with a gentoo desktop & upgrading to each new release hasn't been to bad either.My favourite used to be Ultimate which is ubuntu based .

Not heard of that distro. What are its main uses, and what attracted you to it?

I like ubuntu but,would like to venture out there to see what bst fits my pc,I like this poll. This forums seems quite different then other forums. I really thought this a blog the fist time I seen it, it very non-intimidating. I like that, two thunbs up!!

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