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Gnome and KDE conflict - DamagePlanX - 2014-02-11



I installed KDE on a box that had gnome running already.  Now I've got some weird issues going on.  I'll try and give as much detail as I can.


I recently spun up a Debian 7.4 box and changed my sources to jessie.  Then I ran apt-get update, apt-get upgrade and apt-get dist-upgrade.  Once up to date I ran apt-get install kde-full.  At the end of that install I was prompted to choose my default login manager so I chose kdm because I wanted to switch to KDE exclusively.


Once I rebooted neither desktop launched automatically I got some errors about dependencies so I ran apt-get upgrade -f.  After another reboot my machine boots into gnome but there are serious graphical glitches and some items and text aren't appearing.  I think this is due to both shells running at once.


How can I get my machine to boot into kde on startup?

How can I fully remove gnome once that's done?


Thanks and please let me know if you need additional info.


EDIT: I got into KDE by switching sessions but I've still got some graphical glitches.  How do I make sure gnome isn't running and as above, ideally remove it completely?

Gnome and KDE conflict - inittux - 2014-03-02

Hello and Welcome! Try running as root or as sudo: apt-get remove gnome-desktop that should remove the gnome desktop environment.