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Full Version: Mouse sensitivity
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Im new to this, very new, Im not even sure I am posting this in the right place but...


It's causing me to mental breakdown.

What, you wonder?


Well the cursor seems to have a life on it's own.

I am using FF and no matter what site I am on, if I want to scroll down or move the cursor at all, VERY GENTLY, the page changes. Normally it happens to go BACK or FORWARD but that's without me even clicking or hitting the touchpad in a clicking way.


In other words, every site that I am on, the pc (laptop) decides to bring me BACK one step, or FORWARD on step - at least once...


What's up with that?


I was talking to someone in the chat who had the same problem although it had something to do with cables into his keyboard. Im on a laptop.


Please help?



ok ive never seen this before but i know whats happening,


basically the bottom section and right section of your touchpad are acting as additional sensors,


so if you point your FINGER to the bottom of the touchpad and nudge your finger left the page will go BACK, if you nudge your finger right the page will go FORWARD,


if you move your finger to the centre or middle of the touchpad you will not see this behaoviour


also, on the right hand edge of the touchpad if you hold your finger down you can scroll webpages,


i guess this behaviour might be disabled by editing out all references to synaptics in /etc/X11/xorg.conf





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Ok this pc is doing almost the same, it's very sensitive.


Where can I change/adjust?

as root do


vi /etc/X11/xorg.conf


and change the folllowing settings


VertScrollDelta and

HorzScrollDelta settings to 0.