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Posted by SendDerek - 2006-09-20, 06:26 PM

Thank you for the tip! I really appreciate it.


It seems to have fixed it for now after a quick desktop refresh. I'm going to try and log off and back in again to see what happens next. *crosses fingers*


Luck must be on my side today!


It seemed to have fixed the problem. Everything is fine after logging back in again.


Thank you!!! :)


I'll probably have even more questions for ya'll soon! Hopefully I can contribute by answering some as well!

Posted by hybrid - 2006-09-20, 06:17 PM

See if this helps. From a command-line as your user (not root) do:


killall nautilus


With a bit of luck, KDE's desktop should then appear. (if this reoccurs when you log out/log in then I guess there is something a bit strange going on, but this will do a temporary fix)

Posted by SendDerek - 2006-09-20, 06:05 PM

Hello all! It has been a while! I usually hate to come back to the boards with a question/favor, but I've gotta get this fixed ASAP.


So, I logged into linux this morning and was confronted with this problem. Basically, I have booted into KDE, but it is displaying a lot of properties of gnome. The kicker is still there and well, "kickin'", but I have gnome desktop properties, gnome desktop icons, gnome file manager, and that's all I'm aware of right now. I tried to log out and then back in again, but with same results.


I hope somebody can help! Please! Just let me know what I need to do for you guys as far as configuration files and what-not. Oh, and let me know how to do it too, I'm still new at this.


Thanks in advance!



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