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Revenge of the cursor - lia - 2005-02-07

When you cursor start moving around, floating out to the sides, and stays there for a while before I can use it again.... it makes me wonder WHY?


Any clever ideas?


My hands are all dry and nice, so nothing with dampness.



Revenge of the cursor - anyweb - 2005-02-07

reboot into windows, does the same thing happen in windows ?



Revenge of the cursor - lia - 2005-02-08



cheers ;)

Revenge of the cursor - P38 - 2005-05-01

The cursor on my IBM laptop does the same thing. Sometimes it is almost like it is resisting me from moving it in a particular reason. When I release the cursor, it moves back in the opposite direction.


The same thing happend with my previous IBM laptop also.


My laptop has a pointer "button" so it could be related to that.

Revenge of the cursor - Shadowcat - 2005-06-09

If this is a laptop, it's time to clean your touchpad. I've had it happen when there's too much grease over the pad area (usually from a few days intensive typing). Don't ask my why it works, it just does. It goes back to normal once you clean the touchpad with a damp cloth.

Revenge of the cursor - lerum - 2005-06-09

I had the same thing on my Toshiba.

I now use it as a door stop. [img]<___base_url___>/uploads/emoticons/default_dry.png[/img]


I had one of those nobily buttons in the middle of my keyboard though.