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Gentoo Installation Problems - Deltanoob - 2008-03-25

I wanted to experience even more power and learn more about linux.

So, (after some advice from a friend) i decided to try Linux Gentoo (AMD64).


So i printed the gentoo handbook (the whole thing 0.o) from and burned a livecd.

I followed the instruction in the handbook, I manually configured the kernel. Then i went to compile. (using make)

I get a compiling error. Something like this: "internal compiler error: segmentation fault". I think thats it, i couldn't copy and paste :)

The odd thing is, when i repeated this a few times the error will occur in different places.

But it always fail, Different places each time. Almost at random?


This is the first time i have tried to install a linux distro this complex. And the first time i have compiled the kernel.

So, im really lost.


Thanks :-)



Gentoo Installation Problems - znx - 2008-04-01

Are you trying a 32-bit install or a 64-bit install? It does sound odd that its segfaulting at random places. It might be easier to get you on IRC and provide some "live" support to go with that LiveCD :)