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what am i doing wrong?

so i downloaded Ubuntu the other day, burned it to a CD, booted it, chose what was right, until i get a screen that says "Remove installation media and restart to continue.". I do that, boom, it loads to windows.


Am I doing something wrong? is there something missing? 




Did you boot from the cd? If so you should get a beginning screen with two options, one that says try ubuntu and the other that says install ubuntu. And you said you chose what was right, can you describe what you did from beginning to where it asked you to remove your installation media?


And I would advise you to maybe first use "try ubuntu" or install virtualbox on windows, and then install ubuntu as a virtual machine so you can see how it is in a virtual enironmet first.


Potentially stupid question on my part -- did you go through an install, or just boot into Ubuntu to try it out when the CD was in?


If you did go through an install, it sounds like Ubuntu might be installed, but there is no boot loader. The boot loader would give you the list of choices as to which operating system you want to use when you start up. This isn't too difficult to fix in terms of what you actually need to do, but it's a little bit fiddly. (If it's too fiddly, maybe a reinstall will help. Perhaps we can help you pick the options and notice if there are any problems installing the bootloader.)


To see if Ubuntu is installed, could you, from Windows, do Start > Run > compmgmt.msc > OK. Then if you look for Disk Management in the left, could you screenshot what you get there? We'd be looking for a partition of a reasonable size that you created where Ubuntu is hiding. (Windows will probably see it as 'unknown' in some way).


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