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cant install any other os
i currently have red hat linux 9 installed on one of my computers and im having trouble installing any other operating systems. i want to have windows xp and unbuntu linux on this computer but when i boot from the instalation cd, they go into the menu and when i choose to install it freezes or doesnt do anything. ive tried using a windows vista cd and a windows 98 cd and it still doesnt work. but when i put in my red hat 9 cd it goes and i can reinstall it. i have even tried reformating the hardrive on another computer but when i tried to install windows or ubuntu, it still didnt work but i could still reinstall red hat 9. can anybody help me?

When you do the Windows install disk you will need to delete the Linux partitions to allow you to create Windows partitions. Under WinXP, you simply select to delete the partitions and then format as NTFS and continue on with the install.


See here: (down to the "How to partition and format your hard disk by using the Windows XP Setup program").


Hope that helps.


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