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Boot problem with a USB device connected

It's the same with my A6kmQ001 with Ubuntu 8.04. I think it's something with GRUB and Asus motherborad because I used MS OS for a long time and I've never have problem like this, with USB devices and boot problem. Or there can be BIOS feauters that influence GRUB but not cause anything with other OS boot sequence?


It would be great found some solution because it's really uncomfortable :(


Quote:ok, guess what... It's not only Ubuntu that has problem booting on my laptop. Mandriva too.I think there's something in my bios that causes the problem. I've updated it to the newest version, but no help



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problemLinux hangs on startup when USB devices are attached to the laptop.



This is a bug in the BIOS, causing a problem with ACPI (the power savings programme) that has crept in after version 2.02 and never has been removed.



Add acpi=off in the file /boot/grub/grub.conf, at the end of the line containing kernel /boot/vmlinuz- ro root=LABEL=/ rhgb quiet (or something similar)


Quote:Hi all 

First of all, let me congrats the admins for a great forum!



Now for the case...

When I boot my Ubuntu on my Asus A6000 A6km laptop with a USB device connected (my mouse is USB connected), the OS freezes at "Starting up ...". Ok.. when I disconnect my mouse, the booting is ok, and everything is ready to go. Then I can connect my mouse when the login screen is showing.


Any ideas for what this can be? Is is possible to see what is going on during the boot? I used Mandriva before, and I could see if anything was "OK" or "Failed".



Hi, this is caused by a bug in the BIOS, more precisely the DSDT table. Because the tech support of ASUS say they dont support Linux for this model, they don't bother fixing this bug. I have managed to fix the DSDT and patch it into the BIOS version 210

more here:


If you're afraid to flash your bios, you can test the DSDT itself first to see if it works.

wow impressive and thanks for sharing your custom bios, nice fix !

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