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Wireless and Compiz-Fusion working in SuSE 10.3!!!

Wow, talk about a dry board, the last three threads were started by me and span 4 months!

Well, onwards!

I installed SuSE 10.3 the day it was released and I haven't looked back, but I was a little disappointed in the ease of setup for Compiz-Fusion and wireless using NDISWrapper.


To get Compiz-Fusion installed, I first downloaded the One-Click installer (links to KDE installer only, Gnome installer can be found here ) from and (obviously) ran it. Immediately, I hit my first snag, and it took me forever to realize that for whatever reason, it didn't download any of the XGL packages or the BComp package, so I downloaded those as well. I followed the directions put forth at and there it was! My only gripe is that after a short while (about a half an hour) my system performance slows to about 20% of what it is usually, and I have to reboot.


As for wireless in NDISWrapper, I followed the directions graciously provided by Andrewd18, along with his GUI-frontend to NDISWrapper and all was well, for the most part. In both my linux boxes, I had to manually configure when my wireless turned on (I set it to manual) and which firewall zone it was in (it's set to "all traffic blocked" by default, I had to switch it to "external zone). It also required a full reboot, not just an X-Server restart.


I hope this helps you guys.




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