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Converting working install to virtualized

Hi all-


Ok - here's a tough question that I am not sure is even possible. Hopefully someone can tell me it is possible & point me to documentation that can help me make it happen.


I have an existing 2-cpu Fedora Core 5 server running in a datacenter. The datacenter is 2000+ miles away, so I must perform all maintenance remotely. This server functions as my personal email MTA, as well as the family web server. So to me at least it is a "production" server. I have diligently applied FC5 updates, etc while the server has been online. I also have diligently applied updates to my MTA.


The latest update to my MTA now requires Fedora7 as the minimum Fedora install that is supported. Thus, I must upgrade the linux install to support the MTA environment. Naturally, I do not wish to spend $$$ shipping the server back to me. Nor do I wish long downtimes. Finally, the idea of having the datacenter folks perform an upgrade frightens me deeply. (They do a great job pushing the red button when needed, but that is it.)


Here is what I would like to do in order to accomplish what I need without costing lost of $$$ or downtime:


- Remotely install a new partition of Fedora7 without touching the existing "working" install.

- Get Xen working on the new Fedora7 install

- "mount" / "move" / "copy" the existing FC5 install into a virtualized environment running under Fedora7.


----- Ok, that was step 1. I would now have the old environment back up & running. I would also have the master Fedora7 running concurrently. Next I would want to do the following;


- Create a new Fedora 7 virtualized environment (now I have 3 running -- the master, the FC5, and the Fedora 7)

- Install the latest MTA version in to the new Fedora& virtual environment. get it configured, get it tested etc.

- "Cutover" from the old FC5 to the new Fedora7


Can anyone point me to the steps I would need to follow to make this happen??






first things first, fcr5 is end of life, aka unsupported so no security updates !


you can remotely upgrade it to fcr6 or f7 by following this guide > [/url][url=<___base_url___>/index.php...ic=2495&hl=][/url][url=<___base_url___>/index.php...ic=2495&hl=]


once you've followed that (scroll down) you should have a solid working remote fcr6 or f7 system and you can then start to deal with your real query


which unfortunately i cannot help you with (but maybe others can ?)


we are on IRC too, see my sig





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