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I have a new tv now what?

[Image: xbmc-logo.png]


This is the question I asked myself a while ago. I have a new tv now what can I do to put it to good use. The whole purpose I bought a tv is to watch tv, movies, and series, but just having the normal tv channels quite bore me and I hate commercials with a passion. So I decided I would create a mediacenter, so I bought together some pc pc components and now to setup the software side. I already had an idea of how I wanted it.


OS: Linux MInt 13

Mediacenter software: xbmc

Connect to media via: NFS


1. I installed the linux mint and setup

2. I setup user xbmc with same uid as my user on my server

3. I installed xbmc: sudo apt-get install xbmc

4. I setup my nfs shared to mount under /mnt

5. I setup the location in xbmc that it should search for videos and music

6. Now the last thing I still needed to do was enable that my mediacenter would log the account xbmc in automatically so that I won't need a keyboard each time I boot to type in the password.


I was happy with my final result, I can watch HD movies/series and I don't have to copy data from my server to the lokal drive of my laptop. Which I had done before with my laptop before I had my mediacenter.

Some cool android app I found later is Yatse, you can get this in the google play store . All I needed to do was:


1. Install it onto my GS2

2. Under xbmc settings, configure xbmc and to allow the api port to be open and add a username and password.

3. Connect to my wifi and now I am able to control my xbmc mediabox with my GS2



Interesting that you've used NFS for file storage. I'm always in a multi-OS environment so Samba is the file sharing standard I need to use to get the required level of compatibility! How are you getting on with NFS for accessing your media? Was setting it up anything like this, or have things changed since then?
I used  NFS because 90% of my installed system are running on a linux distro, and I access all my files from my  linux installs. I only use windows to game and don't do any work needing access to my server from windows. Some time in the near future I will try and setup samba. But it works fine how I get it setup now. And yes the forum topic you linked, the basic idea is still the same. I'll try and post my setup here in the forums sometime so you can get an idea :)

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