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SSH Break

Being very used to killing telnet connections with Ctrl+] (or ^]) then quit, I wanted a simpler method with SSH.


Basically what this is for is, lets say your remote shell has hung up on you. Normally what I would do is open another shell and kill the process. This is obviously a pain to keep doing.


A quick bit of googling and I found this:



You can either edit the global ssh_config as the example in that URL says (/etc/ssh/ssh_config) or in the local user configuration (~/.ssh/config).


So to test that you have it working properly do:

mark@tone ~ % ssh localhost
Password: <password>
Last login: Fri Jul 20 15:45:45 2007 from localhost
mark@tone ~ %
mark@tone ~ % Connection to localhost closed.


So I typed Enter ~. and it quit. No more hung ssh connections! YAY

Cool tip znx :)

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