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Banned from Efnet

I tried to log on today and I was banned from EFNET... after not being on for a week... has anyone else had this problem?


I know this isn't linux related, but the chat for this site is on efnet.. so.. I assume talking about not being able to get to the server is ok.


can you post your logs of trying to logon, perhaps you used a bad hostname or have an open proxy/trojan etc on your computer.







Yea I have had the same problem before, znx gave me another address to try which logged me on to efnet, I can't remember what it was but it wasn't


I did a quick check, you are listed on Spamhaus in the SBL (spam) and PBL (policy, meaning your IP range shouldn't send e-mail). You are also in the CBL.


This could be because your IP was used by another user's machine before you obtained it .. if your IP is dynamic. Or your machine could be infected and sending spam. Or you could have an open relay on your mail server.





Which is very useful for checking out various lists that some EFnet servers use.


I suggested to xDamox.


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