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Problem installing FEDORA CORE 7 pls help

hi. i am currently using windows xp.. i want to install linux.. i hd a redhat 9 cd but it doesn't install on my pc as i had sata hard disk. so i move to fedora.. i have now fedora core 7 dvd. now i am able to install linux. But wen after installing i switch on linux... during te welome wizard which comes for first time... at that wizard my pc is hanged .. mouse cursor doesn't move nor keyboard. i hv installed fedora 4 times so that it can be sorted out but everyting in vain.....even i am able to omplete that wizard also.. but then when i log on then also it hangs...sometimes a particular alphabet of keyboard is displayed continously..

please anyone help me in installing linux... i need to use linux ......

my computer speification is

Intel board D102GGC2, Pentium D processor 2.80 , Seagate SATA HDD 80 GB, 512 DDR ram, Quantum keyboard and mouse...(NOT USB)... Gemini internal TV tuner card,





are the keyboard/mouse ps/2 ?


what you could try doing (as a test) is to disable hyperthreading in the bios and use (when you see the grub menu) the NON-smp kernel listed


does it work ok then ?




hi thanks4 reply.... ya my mouse nd keyboard bot are ps/2. actualy i m very new to linux .. i m learning c on linux so i dnt know nything abt linux exept vi editor nd all. Can u pls explain me how to disable hyperthreading in bios... i didn't find any such option there.....

hyperthreading or dual core is normally listed under 'performance' in the bios, press F2 or DELete to enter the bios






hi..... i have searched for hyperthreading, but there is no such option in the bios........

pls tell me any other method by which i an et rid of this problem................

i am using

CPU Type Intel Pentium 4E, 2800 MHz (14 x 200)

Motherboard Name Intel Corporation D102GGC2

Motherboard Chipset Unknown

System Memory 445 MB

BIOS Type Insyde (11/10/06)


hi this is sandeep das.

even i am having the same problem. i am also having intel D102GGC2 motherboard and tried to install fedora7. but the system hangs when post installation wizard starts.


please if solution to this exits please let me know.........


my keyboard and mouse is ps/2.


my hardware specification:


160gb harddisk

512 ram.

sony dvd writer



I am sajith


I had the same problem. With distros like debian etch, fedora .

system configuration : intel pentium D processor, intel D102ggc mother board 512MB DDR2, 80 GB seagate Sata hardisk.

Currently i am havin fedora core 8. The same problem of system hangin after bootup sequence persisted.


On turning on single processor mode in BIOS things were fine........ so to once again make sure i changed the BIOS once again after rebooting this time i turned on off single processor mode......

again fedora won't boot....... o_O

on turning single processor mode on things seems to work fine.... [img]<___base_url___>/uploads/emoticons/default_rolleyes.gif[/img]


steps : Press F2 while booting. In Main menu just Enable the single processor mode.


hopefully things might work fine.


I had not tried the same with Debian.





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