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linux and gaming

[Image: UT99-banner.jpg]


Even though we run linux doesn't mean we don't like to game. So here it looks like there's going to be a shift in the linux gaming community. Steam has just launched a beta for a linux steam client. You can sign up here and maybe you'll get chosen to be a beta tester.


Now for linux gaming there are two other options, which are wine and crossover linux. Wine is opensource and supported by the community and crossover linux is based on wine but where you pay for a year subscription/license a year for updates and support. I thought I'd try out crossover linux and see how it runs. Two of my favorite games are UT99 and UT2K4. Here's what I did to get it running via crossover linux.


1. I got a subscription/license, which costs about 51 euros a year and gives you 12 months of support. But you can also first try the trial first.

2. You get the package for your distro. There's packages for debian, redhat,fedora,mandriva,suse. If you don't have the list you can also use a binary to install from. I'm running debian.

3. A package that crossover is dependent on is ia32-libs. Install it: sudo apt-get install ia32-libs

4. Then you can install the crossover package: sudo dpkg -i ia32-crossover_11.2.1-1_amd64.deb

5. It'll start installing and let you know when it's complete.

6. Insert your dvd/cd into your drive. I'm installing UT99/UT2K4. Once it loads, brows into your drive where you will probably find a setup file. Right click and select run with crossover linux.

7. Crossover linux wil start, you can scroll down to Community Supported Applications/Other Application.

8. Next you can select what virtual system you want to run it as. I chose vista. Select it give it a name, and click on install.

9. It'll create your virtual bottle as they call it and you will get a a flash error(at least for my install). You can click on autofix and an installation wizard should start.

10. After this you should get a screen where you can click on Install and the rest is pretty much following the game installer wizard.

11. After install is complete, you can go to your menu, and you will have a new menu option called "Windows Applications" Here your game is installed and you can open it and run your game.

12. Your game wil start and you can set your video settings to match your screen size.


Now startup TeamSpeak and startup UT99/UT2K and have some fun [img]<___base_url___>//public/style_emoticons/default/biggrin.png[/img]



Here's a screenshot:


[Image: CrossOverLinux.png]

Something interesting to add. Click here
Just found some posted this link on twitter. Free use of crossover for a year if you sign up here
I should really give CrossOver a try again. I've kept a Windows system running for those games that I do like to play there, but it'll be interesting to see how CX has evolved!

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