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30 days with Ubuntu 7.04 (feisty fawn)

Day 16.


This avant dock is cool, I have to admit, but the gdesklets icons keep bouncing up and down and it's getting a bit annoying. I probably have to do something with it to configure this but i'm too tired to think heh :)


Luckily, IRC has lots of useful advice when it comes to problems like this and even BEFORE I asked about it guess what happened


(from EFNET/#ubuntu)


Quote:anyweb> [/url][url=<___base_url___>/uploads/m...-1179404178.png][/url][url=<___base_url___>/uploads/m...-1179404178.png]<anyweb> that's my ubuntu desktop now.

<anyweb> groovy or what

* grosiu ( has joined #ubuntu

<leftyfb> Zack was interested in your post anyweb

<anyweb> what did he say leftyfb

<anyweb> i missed it

<dn> what is the name of the area on the top gnome bar that has icons of currently open applications?

<leftyfb> panel

<leftyfb> anyweb .. some suggestions

<anyweb> [/url][url=<___base_url___>/index.php?showtopic=2953][/url][url=<___base_url___>/index.php?showtopic=2953] <- 30 days with ubuntu (from a fedora user)

<dn> in 'add to panel' what is it though?

<kcharle> Nobody can help me?

<anyweb> suggestions are good

<leftyfb> drag some .desktop files to your avant bar making them launchers

<leftyfb> and run gdesklets from the CLI

<leftyfb> that way it doesn't show up in your taskbar

<anyweb> ah to stop them jumping up and down on the avant dock ?

<leftyfb> no, thats to notify you of changes to them

<leftyfb> like with IM's

<kcharle> Do i gotta install drivers for my keyboard or sumthin? cause i cant click anything and the keyboard wont work, the mouse moves tho

<leftyfb> or downloads or something

<leftyfb> but with yours you have your launcher on the left, and more firefox icons on the right that could just be running in the same launcher icon with a little triangle to show that it's an open and running application

<anyweb> brb kids screaming....

* bentob0x has quit (Remote host closed the connection)

<leftyfb> [/url][url=]

<leftyfb> there ya go anyweb :)

the important bits of the above were


Quote:<leftyfb> drag some .desktop files to your avant bar making them launchers<leftyfb> and run gdesklets from the CLI

<leftyfb> that way it doesn't show up in your taskbar

thanks leftyfb!


i'll make sure to test this :)


Day 17.


The weather applets in gdesklets don't seem to work for me at all, I always get 'retrieval failed'. So after some quick googling I find this and take it's advice and download the goodweather applet.


and now it works, but I do have to configure it for my locale, so I pop over to and find my 'weather code' which is SWXX0020 for Malmo, Sweden.


Screenshot below.


[Image: post-1-1179473378.png]


Day 18.


Well it's the weekend again, so out with the kids today and also doing some work on the driveway, which meant no time in front of the laptop,


so nothing to report other than here's my desktop screenshot :)


[Image: post-1-1179609187.png]


Ubuntu 7.04/Beryl/Avant-dock, gdesklets.


background from here > [/url][url=]


Day 19.


A beautiful sunny day today (Sunday), so out in the garden again working on the driveway that I'm making, so no computer time and that's fine by me !


When I did get to sit down infront of the box, I ended up helping some poor soul who didn't know how to manage his FCR5 box, and ssh'd in to fix yum (it was borked) and then update it, and finally get apache/php5 and curl sorted.


apart from that, nothing to report, all done via ssh from Ubuntu ! :)


I forgot to mention that I'm a bit sunburnt also heh


Day 20.


One New update available, and its for the avant-dock, so I choose to update it, that in turn popped up a warning about the software, seeing as it's not from a 'trusted' source. I choose to install the update anyway.


Burning audio CD's with k3b.


Even though Ubuntu is gnome based (unless you are using kubuntu), my favorite cd burning application in linux is k3b. I decided to test k3b started it up with the intention of burning an audio cd (mp3's to cd). I was greeted with a warning


Quote:K3b could not load or find the Mp3 decoder plugin. This means that you will not be able to create Audio CDs from Mp3 files. Many Linux distributions do not include Mp3 support for legal reasons.Solution: To enable Mp3 support, please install the MAD Mp3 decoding library as well as the K3b MAD Mp3 decoder plugin (the latter may already be installed but not functional due to the missing libmad). Some distributions allow installation of Mp3 support via an online update tool (i.e. SuSE's YOU).

I started up synaptic, and searched for k3b, scrolling through the list I found one called libk3b2-mp3


The KDE cd burning application library - MP3 decoder - Medibuntu package
K3b is a GUI frontend to the cd recording programs cdrdao and cdrecord.
Its aim is to provide a very user friendly interface to all the tasks
that come with cd recording and a lot more.

This package contains runtime libraries for the MP3 decoder plugin


And that sounds like what I need, so I select it (mark for installation) and close down k3b.


[Image: post-1-1179751291.png]


Once I had applied the update, I started k3b again, this time I got no warning and was able to burn an audio cd !


[Image: post-1-1179751334.png]


Day 13 - Nothing to comment on ! hehe


Day 14 - Hrmm, odd that you experience packet loss after 14 days :( Again some oddity with the docking station, the power applet should of course work either way but once more, its a minor niggle and not the end of the world. Nice to see suspend working, fact is that suspend is very much unsupported, so its good to see it up with no issues for you. Hibernate sounds a little buggy and without your previous knowledge of Linux I doubt you would have been able to fix that, not a good sign.


Day 15 - Updates, yay. Just as with Windows, constantly plugging the holes. Gdesklets are nice, as is adesklets and superkaramba.


Day 16 - Nice to see IRC providing the answer to all those annoying gdesklets icons, this is of course an issue for all distros, not just ubuntu :)


Day 17 - Gdesklets do need a lot of tweaking unfortunately, its a common pain. It is also one of the reasons I give up on them so often :P Nevertheless I do like the weather application.


Day 18 - Nothing to report .. nice screenie though although, a vista background!? hehe


Day 19 - Sunburnt ubuntu day .. heh :P


Day 20 - We are quite some way along now, not much more to go. Classic mp3 issues, its a real shame that it isn't able to be installed by default but oh well. At least you were about to find a solution. k3b really does rock, I love it too so I can appreciate your wish to get it installed. Again a relatively easy step, no major hurdle :)


There we go, all caught up again! Yay!


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