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Cron Not Regular


I'm posting here with yet another one of my problems, being cron. For some reason I cannot get it to work, below is what I have setup (through crontab -e)

# m h  dom mon dow   command
0 19 * * *  "/media/hdd/backup/Web Server/"

Which runs a script to backup my web server, although I cannot figure out why, but it doesn't want to run it. The date is setup correctly. and I'm struggling to think of any other problems. Could anyone point me into the right direction with this?



Lee :)


Heya, um two things that I would do. First do this, it will make sure you script is executable.

chmod +x /media/hdd/backup/Web\ Server/


Then I wouldn't use " " inside the crontab (I honestly don't know if it works or not that way).


0 19 * * * /media/hdd/backup/Web\ Server/


Try that, see how it goes, remember to check your e-mail and logs to see if any errors occurred.


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