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Enlightenment E17

So I did this for Debian users, helped Fedora users find the RPMs, yet I don't have either of those as my standard desktop!


Instead I am a Gentoo user. So here is a howto for gentoo. It is really simple actually thanks to vapier making some nice ebuilds. First off whilst enlightenment was in the main portage tree it has recently be demoted to its own personal tree. So we must add an overlay.


Lets get started, install the utility layman (Note: subversion might need installed as well):

# emerge -av layman
# echo "source /usr/portage/local/layman/make.conf" >> /etc/make.conf
# layman --fetch
# layman --list
* enlightenment             [Subversion] (source:
# layman --add enlightenment


Now you have the overlay setup. You can install enlightenment and its various packages (you may require to unmask stuff).


One of the really good things about gentoo is (unlike the Fedora and Debian examples) it works from the CVS directly. Gentoo will download and install fresh from the CVS every time you update. Nice!


Two things to note, to update the new enlightenment overlay use:

# layman -S


Also this is all development code, so you must understand that it might break/crash etc, however my experience has been solid. It no longer crashes from me anymore.




Continue with installing e17, one of the annoying things is trying to remember all the packages you have installed and therefore which to update. Here is a simple script to work through all the ebuild packages in the overlay.



for EBUILD in $(ls /usr/portage/local/layman/enlightenment/*/*/*-9999*ebuild)
CUR=$(dirname ${EBUILD#*enlightenment/})
emerge --quiet ${CUR} || echo ${CUR} >>fail


That should build everything! It might cause some stuff to be installed a couple of times if they get called in as requirements earlier on.


One other thing that I failed to mention is that you should do this:

# cd /etc/portage
# mv package.keywords package.keywords.file
# mkdir package.keywords
# cd package.keywords
# mv ../package.keywords.file main
# ln -s /usr/portage/local/layman/enlightenment/scripts/package.keywords.livecvs enlightenment


That will ensure that all the packages can be built without you needing to look after the keywords!


cool, how about a screenshot for all of us ? :)





Oh yeah, no problem .. here is my IRC virtual desktop .. :)


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this is the only E17 tutorial for gentoo on the net... therefore.

you win the game imo.

thanks so much!

#6 o_O


Edit: And even !


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