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no more core, no more extras ?

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Quote:Jan. 05, 2007 

Red Hat's engineer and Fedora Project board member, Bill Nottingham, announced on the Fedora developer's list on Jan. 4 that, "There will be no more releases of Fedora Core or Fedora Extras." Instead, Core and Extras will be merged together.


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"Starting with Fedora 7, there is no more Core, and no more Extras; there is only Fedora. One single repository, built in the community on open source tools, assembled into whatever spins the Fedora community desires," wrote Nottingham.


Fedora Core is, as the name indicates, the central part of the operating system. Fedora Extras was a software package collage that complemented Fedora Core. For example, the Linux kernel and the Apache Web servers were clearly Core elements, while games and hardware specific tuning widgets were considered to be perfect for Extras.


Exactly how Red Hat Inc. and the Fedora Project will merge Core and Extras has yet to be worked out. "There's a lot of work to be done, and we're looking for help. What's left of the Core Steering Committee is going to work with the Fedora Board and FESCO to figure out just how this new combined repository is going to be governed and managed," said Nottingham.


These integration problems aren't slowing down the release plans for Fedora 7 however. Fedora 7 Test 1 Release is scheduled for Jan. 30. If all goes well Fedora 7 will be released to the general public on Apr. 26.


This new release will include a live CD version of Fedora, WiFi improvements including firmware support, encrypted file systems support, and overall performance improvements.

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