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Installed OS ==>> Installation CD

Some colleagues and I (all of us Linux newbies), are currently involved in a non-profit project which involves rebuilding donated computer systems, to be given to underprivileged members of society.


In order to avoid licensing hassles with Wholly Incredibly Nasty Dreary Old Wasteful Systems, we decided to use and install a Linux OS. After much experimentation with the available distros we finally settled on a Slackware based OS.


We have reconfigured the distro with the latest packages and kernel, installed Bootsplash screens, a KDE front end, HAL and Udev, wheel mice and so on, in order to make it as attractive and user friendly as possible - bearing in mind that most of the people receiving the computers will be novice users.


We have spent much time tweaking the system so that everything works really, really well.

We have configured it with a single very attractive user account, along with the root account.


We now wish to take this HDD installation, with all of the account details, desktop settings, modifications and tweaks, and turn it into an installable CD that we can use on a variety of hardware.


Our problem, (remember we're newbies) is that we are unsure of exactly how to do this.

Information available on the web is conflicting at best, or does not address what we are trying to do.


How do you convert this installed operating system into an installation CD, whilst retaining all of these pre-configured settings, so that 'tweaking' the new computers is extremely minimal or not necessary?


Would the account settings, desktops etc have to be saved into a special file that could be injected into our customised slackware install CD?


Has anyone done this? Is there a step-by-step guide that anyone knows of? - Any help you can give would be much appreciated.


Thank you very much in advance for any help anyone can provide


There is a few possiblities..
  • Image the built HDD and extract that image onto new disks via live cd + image cd

  • Have a remote mount of the built system and extract (rsync?) from it.

  • Use some sort of Unattended installer, I know of FAI for debian, you might find others (hopefully).

Apologies for the delay in responding :)


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