Poll: are you going to use Microsoft Vista
yes definetly
i'll try it when Service pack 1 is out
no way ! I use linux
no way ! I use a Mac
no way ! I'm Randall.
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are you going to use Vista ?

heh, well Vista is soon to be among us and I've used quite a few of the beta releases, it's coming along quite nicely,


I certaintly will be converting my gaming boxes to Vista when it goes Final (few months from now so they say)


but what about you ? will you use it ?





I hate vista. It seems like this is the biggest pofs miscosoft has ever come out with. Loaded with tons of useless resource hogging eyecandy that will bog down your system. Yea they give you options that will help with the resouce hogging but like any stupid ass windows user they want it all or nothing. so now the have a nice dual core cpu that runs like a 386. Why do you want this? you see people say oh vista is fine. Thats fu**ing bs I seen vista run on a dual core system with the lattest video card and still its fu***g slow. Pro vista users are living in a dream world. all vista is offering is the same sh*t in a diffent wrapper. But hey you windows users would take eye candy over security anyway so what ever happens to your system is your own damn fault. and Yes I'm Randall and I endorce this post.


P.S. Windows users remind me of Emo people


I've tried it and I have to agree with Randall, its a filthy resource hog. I will never own the greatest latest machine therefore there will never been a machine with enough spec.s to run it.


I also agree, that in my general use of the beta it doesn't feel like a different OS, it feels like WinXP with a skin.


No I will not be switching to Vista, I will be using Linux as my main system.


yo dudes, ! I never said 'will you switch to Vista' in the poll, on the contrary, I'm just asking if you will 'use' Vista, much like you use XP today (if you do) for your gaming/whatever needs,


I certaintly will not move any of my linux boxes to Vista, but I definetly will movve my gaming boxes (currently running XP) to Vista to see what the latest and greatest from Microsoft will be like, and yes, I'm talking about when it goes final (RTM)




I said definitely and I will use Vista, but I'll probably wait a little while after it comes out (no doubt it will break a hell of a load of apps like XP did when it came out) before I buy it. I won't wait all the way until SP1 though :).

Quote:yo dudes, ! I never said 'will you switch to Vista' in the poll, on the contrary, I'm just asking if you will 'use' Vista, much like you use XP today (if you do) for your gaming/whatever needs,

if i can abuse it .. i may .. No in all seriousness I will be keeping my gaming box WinXP until it is no longer possible.


OS Name: Microsoftr Windows VistaT Ultimate


I am using it now for gaming and for every day computing. the only thing i dislike about it is that canon doesn't have a driver that is compatible with my printer right now. so, i guess i will be going back to XP until that driver is available!

Windows xp still lives on one of my partitions but this will be removed once i get a Mac running OS X so i can run multimedia appz like photoshop. There will be no place for Vista or infact any other Microsoft product at home.
well I'll be honest with you guys I can get free from school "MSDNAA" and I refuse to use it I used the beta ver. and I did not like it then
I might give it a try when services pack 1 is out... just for a laugh. [img]<___base_url___>/uploads/emoticons/default_laugh.png[/img]

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