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Question about different desktop environments


Will compiz work on any distro using gnome or just ubuntu?

What are some pros/cons with the different desktop environments in your guys opinions?

I know for myself that compiz isn't compatible with gnome3. So don't install it on mint 12. It is compatible with unity cuz I've seen videos of it and maybe Hybrid has some experience with unity/compiz.


I've only worked with xfce and gnome, so I really wouldn't know the pros and cons. But Basically gnome and kde graphically look nicer and take a bit more resources. And xfce and lxde are more light weight dekstop environments, so for system with less graphical capacity. And each of them mostly have a different set of packages. Example gnome has : mplayer, and rythmbox. xfce has totum, kde has kaffeine or amarok. So I would say try them out and see which one you like best and which suits you best.


Quote:I know for myself that compiz isn't compatible with gnome3.
Damn.. I didn't know that.

If I wanted compiz on Fedora 15 (or whatever the latest is), could I install Gnome 2? What are my options?


Quote:It is compatible with unity cuz I've seen video's of it and maybe Hybrid has some experience with unity/compiz.

Ubuntu's Unity interface will automatically enable compiz if you have a powerful enough graphics card and the right graphics drivers are installed. (If not, you can go to the 'Hardware Drivers' section of System Settings to install the right drivers).


What it doesn't do by default is give you many customisation options. You can, however, easily install the package compizconfig-settings-manager (search for it in the Software Centre) to customise to your heart's content.

I found that out for myself DD, cuz I had mint 12 running and I installed compiz and relogged in and and I couldn't move my screen anymore and my menus were gone. Even when going to command line via ctrl+alt+f2 and then logging into root and removing the packages wasn't able to undo it. So I had to do a full sytem reinstall cuz couldn't find anything for it. So compiz packages and gnome3 packages aren't compatible, I read that on a forum. And don't know if you can install gnome2 on fedora16 cuz I think there would be a lot of dependency problems. You could try it out on a test box. The other option for now for fedora 16 looking like gnome is fallback mode . I think you activate it like this on fedora: To activate fallback mode Open system settings > system info > graphics > forced fallback mode, turn it to “on”, and you also have some desktop tweaks for gnome3 to make it look a bit more like gnome2.Other options that looks somewhat like gnome is using xfce for fedora 16.

@hybrid - yah, I know about CCSM from the time I was trying to find all the nice stuff in ub10.04 that existed in Fedora12. That's what I was thinking of, but if I can have compiz+unity on Ubuntu that sorts one problem out.


However... . if I have latest Fedora with Gnome3, I'm out of luck with compiz? Will compiz work with a different desktop available under Fedora?


I did a search again and it seems with mint 12 on gnome 3 it is possible. Last time I did a search and everyone seemed to be saying it's not possibe.

So I'm not quite sure anymore.


and I did another search and now it does seem possible. Sorry for the confusion. But that was all I found last time. Here's something for Fedora:

Looks like the onboard graphics on this machine just wont deal with it. Ahwell it purdy enough for me anyways.
Does that mean good enough? Never heard of that word. If not you can always buy cheap video card?

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