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Can anyon help with installing RPMs?

When I double click an RPM it says it's installing but then I don't see it anywhere to run it from. I have read that putting all of the RPMs in a folder then setting this as a folder of packages in yast can let me install them using yast but it won't let me do this- can anyone help please?





i don't use suse, or an rpm based distro fro that matter. but if the package installed. then you most likely can run it from the command line.



just open up the konsole/terminal and type the software name in there. if it run you,re good to go just add a l ink to it somewhere.



note: some packages don't use the obvious package name for its binary so if it doesn't work telly us what package it is and i'll try to dig something up :-)


have a look at the 'using rpm's' section in 'tips and tricks' right here on





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