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Accessing windows shared folder

I have a shared folder on my desktop (which is on windows) that i want to view on here. It has been done previously on this laptop when it was running windows and it ran successfully.


On here I have gone to network > windows network > and that is blank o_O


So then I have go to Connect to server > entered the service type as windows share desktop ip which was and I put the shared file name. This did find it and make a connection, but the folder appears as empty on here. It contains a few images in it and it shows up on my desktop.


Any idea's why its hiding the images? well everything o_O


(running FC4)


Blonde user! figured it now.


To all other users, the steps that I mentioned above, they did work for me :)I just erm, well, rather not say! They do work!!! :P:):):):)

hehehe good :)

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