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google's new privacy policy


The part that they're logging everything hasn't changed if you're logged into any google account. But what they are going to do is merge everything into one account so that you don't have seperate account for every google service anymore. Like the've been doing in the past they'll be collecting information from you via cookes, and if you have gps in your device they will use information from your location too. And give you more search results from your location and things that you search for alot. And now Google complies with the U.S.-EU Safe Harbor Framework and the U.S.-Swiss Safe Harbor Framework. Meaning if any government demands to have access to your account/data. They will give it freely without asking questions. I don't like the idea that they will give my data without questions asked. I know it's a free service but that's going a bit far especially with this whole SOPA and PIPA thing still maybe to come. I tried to make a short summary of it, if you want more details you can go to the link above. Might be time for me to setup my own mail service instead of using anything that's free or switching to a different mail service.


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