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Pre-Install Advise

I need some help here. I am to install linux and use it full time for the first time in my life. I have in the past used RedHat/Fedora for web server and when SlackWare was in versions 2 and 3 I had them on my DT. But I am somewhat more lazy now, and just want it all to work. I have had some discussions with my friends, and they say that Linux can never replace Windows completely, for the home users. And I agree. But I am at least going to test it.


I am going to install either Mandriva or Open SuSE on a laptop.

- Any comments on which distro I am to use of these two?

- Which is the easiest to manager in regards to updates etc?



- External USB HDD

- USB MP3 Player

- USB Digital Camera Support (External Drive)

- Dual monitor?

- TV Out (To view DVD etc. on TV)

- Bluetooth support

- WiFi Support

- Gigabit Network

- Notebook support (Advanced power etc).


forget about mandriva i have only heard nightmare stories about it recently,


try fedora core release 4 instead (or wait a few weeks for fedora core release 5)


to get more info and screenshots of fedora check here

and for a detailed report + screenshots of suse 10 OSS, check right here





Ok, I will scrap my plans for Madriva then.


I am however still leaning against SuSE. I need a simple solution to get all of my requirements met. I do have previous knowlege of running Fedora, Core 4, as a webserver. But none as a "home computer".


The most important thing for me is that everything works as easily as possible. To see if I am able to use my computer with linux, without any major hickups. Can I delete Windows forever without getting gray hair within the first month?


So then my choice is now, Fedora or SuSE. Do you have any pro(s)/con(s)?


well i've used both suse and fedora and fedora wins it for me every time, there are things i like about suse (it has a lot of plugins pre-installed for example in your web browser) however i found wireless in Suse to be a bit of a nightmare, same goes for intel video chipsets in suse,


also suse defaults to KDE and i prefer gnome over kde... so fedora wins it for me,. plus there are just so many people using/supporting fedora (have a look at the fedora section of this forums) that's it's relatively easy to setup


you need to tell us exactly what hardware you have, be specific (make/model) and then we can advise even more accordingly


i use fedora daily on my dell latitude d600 notebook wirelessly and it works great (intel 2200bg card)


all linux distros will require a bit of tweaking to get setup correctly but in the end it's worth it, you'll have a nice stable operating system which you will grow to love (once you start getting used to compiliing, troubleshooting, ssh, and cli based programs)


good luck


ps. we are live on IRC 24/7 on the EFNET server join #linux-noob and ask what others would recommend as a first install





It will be installed on a Dimension XPS or an Inspiron 630m.


I am somewhat courius on the New Fedora. It looks nice, but I am not sure. I did the Linux Distro. Chooser and I got 100% on Madriva, SuSE and Fedora. So it should suit my needs.


FC5 is not released for the next 2.5 weeks, so I need to wait. The good thing here is that all is brand new.


In the past I have always used KDE (Back when I used Slackware and RedHat back in the late 90s). What is it that makes you want to use Gnome? Design or functions?


Quote:FC5 is not released for the next 2.5 weeks, so I need to wait. The good thing here is that all is brand new.

Having everything brand new isn't always a great thing, it means you might (unlikely) but might just hit upon a new bug which hasn't been found yet ;)


however 99% of the time all this stuff is fine and dandy! :] good luck which ever way you go :]


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