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Configuring VSFTPd Server

I've got a CentOS 5.2 box and I need to allow FTPS access to a user with Implicit SSL over port 990.


I need to do this because we have a client who is already uploading files onto a windows server using this method and they want to use the same method to upload to my Linux/Apache server.


I've discovered that CentOS doesn't have a version of VSFTP new enough to do this correctly, so I downloaded, patched and installed version 2.1 from a Fedora source. It seemed to work correctly, but I still can't seem to get the implicit SSL to work correctly. I've tried putting "Implicit_SSL=YES" but I get this error:


Starting vsftpd for vsftpd: 500 OOPS: unrecognised variable in config file: Implicit_SSL


There just don't seem to be any good resources online for this....maybe it won't work how I think it will. Any ideas? Thanks.


There are other settings that need to be added. Firstly, have you created a certificate? The path to this one needs to be specified, for example:


I don't use VSFTPD much, but have configured FTPS and SFTP successfully using Pure-ftpd (I found it much easier to use).


Thank you...


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