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Looking for the desktop distro that best fits me

Lately I've been trying out several Linux distro for my Desktop. These are the ones I've tried so far:


Ubuntu 11.10: Had it running virtually, then tried to install it on my pc. Got it too boot, but after updating and rebooting got stuck at login screen. Having right password the login screen would keep reappearing.

Fedora 16 XFCE: It's nice for a netbook or laptop, but wouldn't like it for my Desktop.

Mint 12: Looks nice, but I'm not really used to gnome3 yet, and you can't create LVM's during normal installation. There is a script you can use to create a lvm during installation but the downside of it is that you can only make one physical volume for it.

CentOS/SL: They are good stable distros but they don't have the latest software if you can live with that and some applications take more time to install/compile/configure than a desktop distro.

Debian: Works great as desktop, but don't like it as much as newer desktop distros.


Possible candidates, see list below.


1. First I'll try to install it virtually to see what installation options I have.

2. Play with it a bit to test it out.

3. If I like it I will install it on my desktop and run it for a few days/weeks.



Please share your experiences with different Linux distros as desktop.

Any other suggestions for desktop? I've been looking at distros from distro watch

but any ones you would personally suggest to try out.


Possible Candidates:



A non-Linux friend of mine recommend puppy. He liked it on a SD card that he installed it to a laptop. I was going to follow him, but got distracted by Mint instead...

I'm just installing puppy on virtualbox. I like mint, but I'm not too thrilled about not being able to make lvm's during installation and the other option using a script only being able to make an lvm on 1 physical volume.

And still wish they would stick to gnome2 instead of 3. For the rest I like mint though. Just want to try out several distros and see what they are like before I make one my official desktop distro.

I've tried several distros via vbox and I really like Mint as a desktop. So that will be my desktop distro of choice for now :)

You using Gnome 3? I've not installed Mint12 yet, still on 10.


May upgrade to 11 (or try 12 on a testbed to compare).


Quote:You using Gnome 3? I've not installed Mint12 yet, still on 10.


May upgrade to 11 (or try 12 on a testbed to compare).

I was running on 12(runs gnome3,) this weekend, but I installed 9(LTS) yesterday that runs on gnome2 :)

I also got my sound to work :)


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