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Problem with installing SuSe 10.00

Hi there!


I am having a problem installing SuSe on my machine. At first, the installation would hang after it loads the installation files (and after all the small icons in the beginning of the installation light up). Then I realized it may be a problem with some USB device (I have a Logitech 4000 web cam and Lexmark 3150 printer), so I unplugged them and then this problem disappeared.


The next place I had trouble is when I was about to select the hard disk. It was showing "Evaluating ..." and in the background I could see it already made some choices - Shrink my 250 Gb SATA to 130 GB in red and all kinds of other junk under. At this point, the system hangs again. Now, I understand if it can not recognize SATA drives, but how would it know the size of my hard drive and more importantly, why would it make such decision automatically? I have a WD 80GB ATA set as primary master and that's where I want the installation. the SATA is my storage space.


Anybody knows why this would happen?


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