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Batch files, continued.

Is there any commands to remotely execute a batch file on another machine in the network?

like say I wanted to open like note pad or execute any number of batch files on another computer on the network, what would be the command and parameters before "open notepad" ?




I belive you can just type:



I was just using that as an example, I just want to know how to execute commands remotely, on a networked computer
so..... no one knows how to execute batch files on a remote computer?

well there is rsh which is remote shell but that is very insecure.. so I would look into setting up ssh hostkeys with no passpharse included in the key you generate. That way you can do this


ssh user@hostname date


it will run the date command on the remote machine with no password or passpharse prompt if you just hit enter 2 times when it prompts you for the pharse when you run ssh-keygen. a hostkey is kind of like a lock and key you put your lock on the other server and you are sending the key to try to unlock.. the passpharse is just an extra security level if someone takes your machine physically or steals your private key.


er.. im guessing that "batch" as in windows, hence whilst ssh is perfect for linux it wouldnt work on windows.


as for windows, well as far as I understand it.. rshsvc.exe is the only way?


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