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Fedora Core Release 5 test 2 screenshots

here you go,


what do you think ?


sure looks like a nice os, if i can get wireless working properly (didnt have time to figure out whats wrong) then i'll stick with this for a week or more until i get a clear picture of the updates !


but in brief, for the first time ever standby works ! (remember i've gone through fcr1,2,3,4 and now this test release of 5t2)


also the 'locked screen' username/pass dialog box is just plain gorgeous !


when i get more time to look at it i'll try and put a short review together


in the meantime enjoy




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Nice!!! The GUI is excellent :)

heres some more


the errors happen after a yum update (or two) and are safe to ignore for now as some gnome developer decided to put gnome into debug mode, this will be fixed in an upcoming update.


I don't mind, the new login screen after the yum update(s) is WELL worth it, as are the modeifications to the whole graphical look



more to come soon including installation from start to finish





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